I’m Gabbie Gonzales and this blog is named after my dog Panza. That’s her picture up top.

I was born in Sacramento, California. Moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Then to Seattle, Washington. I grew up in a suburb of Seattle called Redmond. I went to Wisconsin for college. I worked in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a while and now I’m in Santa Barbara, California. I love to travel and live in different places, all of which inspire my cooking and baking endeavors.

I have been in recovery from a variety of eating disorders for about 5 years now. My blog is a space dedicated to body positivity and body neutrality. See this post and this post to read about it. I am a fats rights advocate and ally and harbor a strong anti-diet mentality. Therefore, on this blog you will not find language connecting morality to food. Because in my book, all food is good food. I discuss all of these issues and more, including other relevant social concerns like racism, feminism, and inequality.

In my free time (besides baking and cooking) I love to yoga, hang out with my dog Panza, go to the beach, and try out new restaurants.

I hope you enjoy PanzaBaby.com!